Milan Markovic

Famous Slovak Entertainer (Talk Show Host & Political Cabaretist)

Milan Markovic

Milan Markovic in "You Can Leave Your Shoes On" inPrague Rado Van Nackage

Milan Markovic in Prague

1943 Born in Bratislava, Slovakia
Wife Marta, children Mia (1966) and Miroslav (1971)
1960-1964 Student, Comenius University, Pedagogical Faculty in Trnava
1969-1974 Student, Comenius University, Philosophical Faculty in Bratislava, (M.A. 1980)
1965-1968 Teacher (Slovak and Russian Lang.), Public School Gajary and Bratislava
1969-1975 Assistant Editor, Ucitelske noviny (The Teacher News)
1976-1985 Talk show host, Czechoslovak Radio, Bratislava
1970-1986 Composer and actor, Radosinske naivne divadlo (The Naive Theater of Radosina)
from 1986 Freelance actor, screenwriter and stage show producer
1984-1998 You Can Leave Your Shoes On (Please Don't Take Off Your Shoes Please) - 1648 shows with 187 celebrity guests in 205 cities in Slovakia, the Czechlands, and Austria
1989-1990 It's Not Teacher's Fault - One-man show
1989 Forbidden Island
from 1995Milan Markovic's Evening
1996 French Cuisine
from 1997 The Treachereous Path
1976-1988 The Variations (Variacie)
1987-1991 Under the Pyramid (Pod pyramidou)
1989, 1990, 1991 New Year's Eve (Silvester)


1990 What Moves Mountains (Czechoslovak TV)

1991 The Evening Not Only For Invited (Czechoslovak TV)

1992 New Year's Eve (Czechoslovak TV)

1992 Please Get Acquainted (Czechoslovak TV)

1993 Lessons of Life (Czech TV)

1993-1994 Milan Markovic's Evening (Slovak TV)

from 1995 The Treacherous Path (Czech TV)

1996-1997 The Lady (Czech TV)
1997 Night in the Park (Czech TV)
Milan Markovic's Evening show was banned by the Slovak Government that controls the state radio and television for his political jokes.... In 1994 there was no private television station in Slovakia. Also now, the possibilities for private broadcasting are quite limited. In some regions of Slovakia it is possible to receive the Czech Television where Markovic continues his shows.

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